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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Robotics/Controls


Since 2010, the National Science Foundation National Robotics Initiative has focused on facilitating humans and robots working together, often called co-robotics. As the past two decades have witnessed the expansion of mobile communications into every part of our lives, robotics is poised to do the same — from self-driving cars to medical procedures, from home health care for the elderly to agriculture, and from manufacturing to retail services.

WSU MME faculty are focused on research in many of the robotic technologies that will soon transition co-robots from the lab to everyday life:

  • Long, slender, compliant medical devices (Swensen)
  • Flexible sensing (Gozen)
  • Automated fruit picking and nondestructive inspection (Mo)
  • Autonomous marine/aerial/ground vehicles (Matveev)
  • Smart material actuators (Gozen & Swensen)
  • Tunably-compliant soft robotics (Swensen)

Robotic Swarms

Topics in Robotics/Controls

  • Self-organized dynamics in complex systems
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles
  • System reliability and prognostics
  • Robotic ensembles
  • Medical robotics – steerable needles and compliant devices
  • Modular robotics – compliant ensembles and smart materials in robotics
  • Mobile robotics – track, trail and inspect moving targets

Faculty in Robotics/Controls

Display NameContact InformationPhoto
Matveev, Konstantin
Professor, Associate Director for Undergraduate Program, School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Sloan 225C
Mo, Changki
Associate Professor
Floyd 134J
Pérez-Arancibia, Néstor O.
Flaherty Associate Professor
EME 149
Swensen, John P
Associate Professor
Dana 239E