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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Events

Seminar Series

Learn from top researchers from around the world! The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Seminar Series features distinguished alumni, faculty, and student speakers from WSU and speakers from around the globe who share their insights.

Nov 30 MME Seminar Series Welcomes Mr. Adnan Morshed, PhD Candidate, Washington State University

Mr. Adnan Morshed

PhD Candidate, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Washington State University

Held in ETRL 101

Refreshments served in ETRL 119 at 10:30 am

Modeling of Biomechanical Systems in Microfluidic Device


Electrodeformation of vesicles can be used as a useful tool to understand the characteristics of biological soft matter. Microfluidic devices are especially useful in this regard where the vesicles immersed in a fluid medium are subjected to an applied electric field. With minimal effort, a lot of intricate geometry can be imprinted in microfluidic chips which allows to observe the shift in vesicle deformation behavior. Modeling this kind of physical system … » More …

Past Presentations

Order of the Engineer Induction Ceremony

Each Fall and Spring semester, graduating students and faculty members are given the opportunity to be inducted into the Order of the Engineer.

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