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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Events

Seminar Series

Learn from top researchers from around the world! The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Seminar Series features distinguished alumni, faculty, and student speakers from WSU and speakers from around the globe who share their insights.

Sep 28 MME Seminar Series Welcomes Dr. Erin Barker, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ETRL 101 Pullman WA
In ETRL 101

Refreshments served in ETRL 119 at 10:30 am

Process to Structure to Property Modeling of Dissimilar Material Joining


The automotive industry has been taking specific steps to reduce vehicle to improve fuel economy.  Materials such as aluminum and magnesium alloys have been investigated as alternatives to heavy steel components.           Advanced high strength steels have also been developed to target a regime of higher strength but lower weight.  Introducing a variety of materials for the structural and non-structural components of the vehicle requires designers and engineering to consider how to join the materials. This variety of        materials often have very different metaling … » More …

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Order of the Engineer Induction Ceremony

Each Fall and Spring semester, graduating students and faculty members are given the opportunity to be inducted into the Order of the Engineer.

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