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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Seminar Series

2018 Fall Seminar Series

Aug 2311:10 am-Noon in ETRL 101Hussein Zbib
Aug 3011:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101EH&S
Safety seminarHussein Zbib
Sep 611:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Qizhen Katherine Li
Washington State University

Processing and Mechanical Behavior of Porous Magnesium Composites with High Strength and Low Density
Indranath Dutta
Sep 1311:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Arghavan Talebanpour
Current student, WSU
An Evaluation of Helmet Test Standards in Predicting the Brain Injury in SportLloyd Smith
Sep 2011:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101MME Faculty PanelAsk us anything! MME Faculty Panel on Graduate School.
Sep 2711:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Nyle Miyamoto
Additive manufacturingIndranath Dutta
Oct 411:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Yeasir ArafatInterfacial Effects in Highly Flexible Electronics and Very Thin Solder Joints for 3D Electronics
Oct 1111:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Ajay Malshe
Univ of Arkansas, ME dept.

Bio-inspired manufacturing for advanced applications and social entrepreneurship
Amit Bandyopadhyay
Oct 1811:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Barton Smith
Utah State University
The Role of Seams in Modifying the Direction of Baseball PitchesLloyd Smith
Oct 2511:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Dr. Sasi Pillay, Tom Ambrosi
Information Technology Services and Security at WSU TodayHussein Zbib
Nov 111:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Dr. Andrew S. Westover, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryIn Pursuit of Li Metal Batteries: From Fundamentals to Application
Nov 811:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Ashish Gupta
Conglomeration of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Knowledge in Next Generation Mobile Devices
Indranath Dutta
Nov 1511:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Arshad Alfoqaha
IBM Systems & Technology
Technology Development Using Predictive Engineering & Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)CEE / MME
Nov 19-23None (Thanksgiving week)
Nov2911:00 am-Noon in ETRL 101Jacob Leachman, WSU MMEFunding Engineering 101: The New WSU Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassadors (EFA)

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