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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Learning Outcomes

MME Graduate Program Learning Outcomes

(a)  Excellence. Achieve the highest level of expertise, mastery of the knowledge in their fields, and the ability to apply associated technologies to novel and emerging problems. In addition, Ph.D. candidates are expected to make original contribution to their field.

(b)  Breadth. Broaden professional foundations through activities such as teaching, internships, fellowships, and grant applications.

(c)  Problem definition. State a research problem in such a way that it clearly fits within the context of the literature in an area of study, and demonstrate the value of the solution to the research problem in advancing knowledge within that area.

(d)  Problem solving. Apply sound research methods/tools to problems in an area of study, and describe the methods/tools effectively. Analyze/interpret research data.

(e)  Professionalism. Participate in professional organizations, becoming members and attending meetings. Present research to local, regional, national, and international audiences through publications in professional journals and conference papers.

(f)  Communication. Communicate research clearly and professionally in both written and oral forms appropriate to the field.