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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Advisory Board

Advisory Board Role

The Advisory Board plays an integral part in the development of the school. Members:

  • Bring industry perspective, provide input to the continuous evaluation of objectives and assessment of outcomes of the BSME and BSMSE curricula, and suggest changes for implementation, as needed.
  • Act as facilitators in the school’s efforts in getting financial, in-kind, and scholarship support from their companies.
  • Act as partners in the education process by maintaining active contact with the school during the academic year, and by visiting the Pullman campus at least twice a year (during the Advisory Board meetings).
  • Promote the school at their company through the hiring of interns and full-time personnel and participation in WSU career fairs.
  • Champion the school cause with university administrators and the state of Washington with regard to budgets, research programs, and faculty hiring.
  • Vitalize the education process through participation in seminars, guest lectures, industry sabbaticals, collaborative research, and serving on student thesis committees.

Member Area

Documents for Members
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Advisory Board Charter

Charter and Constitution


Membership on the Advisory Board is a 3-year term, renewable on mutual agreement for additional period(s).

Group photo of fall 2018 advisory board

Fall 2018 Pullman meeting:
Advisory Board Members, Left to right: Ron Ramos, Gene Jones, Ashish Gupta, Jason Tripard, David Rohrig, John Sanchez, Steve Near, Sandy Fryer, Jessi Hall, Laura King, Rocky Gutierrez, Dustin McLarty, Eric Sorensen, Eddie Schweitzer, Indranath Dutta.

2018-2021 Term

Ashish Gupta
Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, OR

Steve Near
The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA

Sudarshan Rangaraj
Seattle, WA
WSU grad: MS 1999, ME

Nyle Miyamoto
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Everett, WA
WSU grad: MEM 2001

2017-2020 Term

David Bahr
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

Trevor Devaney
Hi-Rel Laboratory
Spokane, WA

Sandy K. Fryer
Fryer Industries, Inc.
Orinda, CA
WSU grad: BS 1969, ME

Laura King
HP Inc.
Corvallis, OR
WSU grad: BS 1983, PME

John Sanchez
Amazon Lab126
Palo Alto, CA

Jessi Hall
Schweitzer Engineering Labs
Pullman, WA
WSU grad: BS 2000, ME


2016-2019 Term

Scott Brandenburg
Thales Aerospace – US
Bellevue, WA

William Chambers
PACCAR Technical Center
Mount Vernon, WA

Rocky Gutierrez III
The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA
WSU grad: BS 1996, ME

D. Bruce Masson
WSU Emeritus Professor
Pullman, WA
WSU grad: BS 1954

Jason Tripard
Microsoft Corporation
Bellevue, WA
WSU grad: BS 1994, ME


2015-2018 Term

Randal J. Morrison
Vancouver, WA
WSU grad: BS 2006, ME

David Rohrig
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA
WSU grad: MEM 2004

Eddie Schweitzer
Schweitzer Engineering Labs
Pullman, WA
WSU grad: BS 2003, ME

Eric Sorenson
Blue Origin
Kent, WA
WSU grad: BS 1985, MSE

2014-2017 Term

Gene Jones
Vancouver, WA
WSU grad: BS 1980, ME