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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Undergraduate

ABET Accreditation

The B.S. degree programs in mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, ABET is the global accreditor of college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology.

ABET accreditation assures that programs meet standards to produce graduates ready to enter critical technical fields that are leading the way in innovation and emerging technologies, and anticipating the welfare and safety needs of the public. Visit the ABET website to learn more about accreditation.

ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission


Program missions are in keeping with the overall mission of Washington State University and the mission of the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture.

The mission of the BSMSE program is to provide excellence in education, research, and service in the field of materials science and engineering through educational programs that graduate students with strong backgrounds in scientific and engineering problem-solving methods.

The mission of the BSME program is to provide a broad education in mechanical engineering that prepares our students for being successful in professional practice and advanced studies.


  • Provide quality education in fundamental principles and their applications to engineering practice.
  • Foster an environment that stimulates learning and instills a sense of professional, social, and ethical responsibility.


The constituencies of the program include current and past students, faculty of the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME), employers of our students, and the citizens of the state of Washington.

The constituencies provide their input to the program in the following manner:

  • Faculty participation occurs through monthly faculty meetings and yearly faculty retreats.
  • Student participation occurs through Alumni Surveys.
  • Employer participation usually occurs through Employer Surveys.
  • Industrial input also occurs directly through the participation of the External Advisory Board (EAB) for MME. Advisory Board members also participate in the review of the Program Outcomes.
  • Participation by the citizens of Washington State has been in several forms, including legislative actions and requirements for accountability, and directives from the Washington Higher Education Coordination Board.

Educational Objectives, Programs Outcomes, and Student Enrollment Data

Materials Science and Engineering (BSMSE)

Mechanical Engineering (BSME)