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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Undergraduate

Current Students

This section has links to important information and steps to assist you in achieving your goals.

Admission to Major

Students can be admitted to a major if they meet the criteria specified in the catalog. Once admitted to the major, a student must maintain good standing in their major by completing the required benchmarks as outlined in the catalog.

WSU Catalog Materials Science and Engineering
WSU Catalog Mechanical Engineering

ME Course Matrix: Maps out Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

MSE Course Matrix: Maps out Materials Science and Engineering Curriculum

New Student Orientation

MME holds two orientation sessions for new students, where students are introduced to the requirement and expectations of the programs in ME and MSE. One session is held in the Fall semester, and one is held in the Spring. All students new to MME (freshmen, new transfer-students) are required to attend both bi-annual orientation events.

Slides for past orientation meetings

Spring 2019
Fall 2019
Fall 2020
Fall 2022

Advising and Mentoring

All ME and MSE students are required to meet each semester with their assigned advisor, in order to ensure that they are making appropriate progress through their degree programs.

MME hosts one mentoring event during each of the fall and spring semesters. During the mentoring event, industry executives and the faculty provide information on how to prepare for a career in the industry or to prepare for graduate school. All students in their sophomore through senior year are required to attend these events.

Slides for past mentoring meetings

Fall 2018
Spring 2019
Fall 2019
Fall 2022

Each MME student is also assigned an MME faculty member to consult with in case of specific career questions or academic concerns. Although meeting with your faculty mentor is not required, you are encouraged to do so. To meet with faculty mentors, please contact them using the contact information provided on the MME Faculty webpage to arrange a meeting.

Policy on student requests for academic exceptions

  1. The School of MME does not generally grant exceptions for curriculum requirements (such as waving prerequisites, etc.). Starting Fall 2020, the curriculum requirements will also include new benchmarks, as specified in the WSU catalog, to continue in MME majors.
  2. If a student believes that there is an exigent reason to request an exception, a student must first meet with an academic advisor for consultation.
    If the adviser sees a merit for considering an exception, a student will be asked to prepare a letter detailing (i) the rationale for the request, and (ii) a plan to become compliant with the curriculum requirements.
  3. This letter, together with the advisor’s recommendations, will be assessed by the Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies, who may bring up the request to the Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGSC) for additional consideration.
    The decision by the Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies is final.


Students should not ask faculty members, including the School Director, to grant them exceptions for curriculum requirements. If approached with such requests, faculty members will direct students to the advisors.

Policy on incomplete grades

Please refer to Academic Regulation 90h . Before an incomplete grade is assigned, the instructor and the student must sign the incomplete grade agreement, which will list specific assignments that the student must complete by the specified date. The instructor signing the agreement will be responsible for evaluating the student work and assigning a final grade that will replace the I grade.

ME Technical Elective Notes

(coming soon)


Students who have 90 completed credits and are certified in their major are eligible to apply for graduation. Students submit their graduation application for undergraduate degrees online, through myWSU student center. Steps for completing the application can be found here.

Disabilities Syllabus Statement

Reasonable accommodations are available for any student with a documented disability. If you have a disability and may need accommodations to fully participate in any MME class, please visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC). All accommodations MUST be approved through the DRC (Washington Building, Room 217). Please stop by or call 509-335-3417 to make an appointment with a disability specialist.

Safety at WSU

Washington State University is committed to maintaining the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the Pullman campus. These web links connect to the WSU Safety and Emergencey Managment sites, students should take the time to view these sites.
Campus Safety Plan
Office of Emergency Management

Classroom Safety

Classroom and campus safety are of paramount importance at Washington State University and are the shared responsibility of the entire campus population. WSU urges students to follow the “Alert, Assess, Act” protocol for all types of emergencies and the Run, Hide, Fight response for an active shooter incident. Remain ALERT (through direct observation or emergency notification), ASSESS your specific situation, and ACT in the most appropriate way to assure your own safety (and the safety of others if you are able).
Please sign up for emergency alerts on your account at MyWSU.
For more information on this subject, campus safety, and related topics, visit the WSU safety portal (

Professional Registration: FE Exam

ME students are required to take the FE exam prior to graduation.

Some career options may require a Professional Engineering License issued by the state in which you practice engineering. WSU students may start the registration process by taking the Washington State FE (EIT) exam during their senior year.

If you plan to take the FE, remember the exam is now computer based. Exam windows will be Jan-Feb; April-May; July-Aug; October-November so please plan accordingly based on your graduation date.

To register go to: The exam is available at the University of Idaho and you can take it there. Space will be limited and the exam will only be available during normal business hours, you may need to miss class, so plan ahead.

Laptop Requirements

Recommended system

Your laptop PC should be able to use a CAD system, like the one linked below.

Wireless Network


  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Microsoft and WSU offer Office 365 to students at no cost. For more details visit the Office 365 Website.
  • Virus protection software required. If you have not purchased an anti-virus software package there are several free options including Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Most courses that will require student purchased software will include the software with the textbook purchased at the book store.
  • Some courses will have WSU provided software available for students to install as needed for the course.
  • Students may install Solidworks on their personal computers for use in ME courses. Instructions
  • Due to the EULA, Solidworks installation available here is only for students studying mechanical engineering at WSU and is NOT to be used for research activities.



More Information

Pullman Program

Alicia Case
Undergraduate Academic Coordinator
Sloan 209, Pullman

Chris Doman
Undergraduate Academic Coordinator

Bremerton Program

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Everett Program

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Bremerton and Everett admission, Official Student Records, Degree Requirements, and Graduation

Contact: Vacant Undergraduate Academic Coordinator, WSU Everett and OC Bremerton