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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Strategic Vision


Be a preeminent School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering through excellence in education, research, and service


To prepare students for successful careers in the engineering profession

The School has three objectives:

  1. Provide innovative educational leadership relevant to students and employers
  2. Advance our research leadership in traditional and emerging areas
  3. Fulfill our Land-Grant legacy of service and leadership by transferring knowledge relevant to our stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest, including industry and the government

Strategic Goals

  • Goal 1: Improve the national ranking of the ME and MSE Programs

Be a top 25 public School in the US in ME and MSE, for education as well as research.

  • Goal 2: Achieve national leadership in strategic areas of research

Support the technological enterprise of the Pacific Northwest by maintaining a position of influence in the industry and government bodies throughout the state and the nation.

  • Goal 3: Attract and retain excellent students, faculty, and staff

Become a top choice for diverse groups of students, faculty, and staff in the Pacific Northwest seeking to become leaders in education, research, and service.

  • Goal 4: Achieve excellent employment outcome for our students

Be recognized as a top school in the Pacific Northwest for student employment in Fortune 500 companies, academic positions, entrepreneurship, as well as scientist positions in National Labs.

  • Goal 5: Increase engagement in distance-education and consulting to better serve the region

Enhance the school’s influence within the technological community of the Pacific Northwest and beyond through specialized distance-learning and short courses, graduate programs, and consulting.