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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Undergraduate

Preparation for the WSU Mechanical Engineering programs in Everett and Bremerton

You can fulfill the University’s general education and pre-engineering requirements at any college and complete your WSU mechanical engineering program at WSU Everett, or on the Olympic College campus in Bremerton.

While it isn’t required for admission, we recommend pursuing a transfer degree if possible.

The associate of science track 2 (AST-2) degree is well suited for pre-engineering study, as it includes the majority of WSU general education (UCORE) requirements and allows room for the engineering prerequisites.

Program Acceptance Requirements

  • A minimum cumulative (of all college coursework taken) GPA of 2.5 on a 4-point grade system.
  • A grade of C (2.0 on a 4-point grade system) in each course highlighted below.
  • Completion of all prerequisites below is required (prior to start of fall entrance to the program).
  • For application follow the instructions on one of these pages:

WSU CourseWA Community College Transfer Equivalency
Engl 101English Composition
Math 171 – Calculus ICalculus I and Calculus II
Math 172 – Calculus IICalculus III
Math 273 – Calculus IIICalculus IV
Math 220 – Linear AlgebraLinear Algebra
Math 315 – Differential EquationsDifferential Equations
Chem 105 – Principles of Chemistry IPrinciples of Chemistry I and II with labs*
Chem 106 – Principles of Chemistry IIPrinciples of Chemistry III with labs*
Phys 201 – Engineering Physics IEngineering Physics I and II with labs*
Phys 202 – Engineering Physics IIEngineering Physics III with labs*
CE 211 – StaticsStatics
CE 215 – Mechanics of MaterialsMechanics of Materials
ME 212 – DynamicsDynamics
ME 116 – CAD/GraphicsCAD/Graphics**
Computer Programming (choose one (1) of the following):
Check WSU transfer table;
course must be transferrable
as one of the listed WSU courses.
Engr 240 Applied Numerical Methods
may be accepted; check with the WSU Academic Coordinator in advance
EE 221 – Numerical Computing for Engineers
Cpt_S 121 Program Design and Development C/C++ or higher
Cpt_S 131 Program Design and Development Java or higher

Check your courses for transfer equivalancy here:

*The Chem 105, Chem 106, Phys 201, Phys 202 series must include a minimum  of 6 semester credits of coursework equivalent to Chem 105 (or 4 semester credits each of Chem 105 and 106) and at least 8 semester course credits equivalent to both Phys 201 and 202. All chemistry and physics courses that combine to transfer must have labs and the combined semester credits must equal a minimum of 16 semester credits.

**Not all CAD/Graphics courses transfer as equivalent to WSU ME 116. Check transfer equivalency.

More Information

Learn more about WSU Mechanical Engineering at:

WSU Everett

Olympic College, Bremerton