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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Faculty

John McCloy

John McCloy

Director, School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Sloan 201A

McCloy Research Group: Nuclear, Optical, Magnetic, and Electronic (NOME) Materials Laboratory


  • Ph.D. in Material Science & Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Arizona, 2008
  • M.S. in Material Science & Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Arizona, 2007
  • M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, School of Anthropology, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, May 2004
  • B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, School of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1996

Professional Preparation

  • Senior Research Scientist (S&E IV) and Team Leader, Glass and Materials Team, Radiological Materials & Technology Development Group, Radiological & Nuclear Division, Energy & Environment
  • Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA, 2008 – 2013
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer II (E04) with Honors, Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, AZ, 2000 – 2008
  • Process Engineer II, Crane Interpoint, Redmond, WA 1998 – 1999

Research Interests

  • Nuclear materials
  • Functional materials (optical, magnetic, electronic)
  • Material degradation: ceramics, glasses, metals
  • Advanced material characterization methods

Recognition and Honors

  • Fulbright award, US Department of State, 2019
  • Fulrath award, American Ceramic Society, 2018
  • Fellow, American Ceramic Society, 2018
  • Invited delegate to National Academy of Engineering, German-American Frontiers of Engineering, 2015.
  • Invited delegate to National Academy of Engineering, Frontiers of Engineering, 2013

Selected Publications

  • Nuclear materials:

    • J. Marcial and J. McCloy, “Role of short range order on crystallization of tectosilicate glasses: A diffraction study,” Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 505, 131-143 (2019).

    • D. S. Patil, M. Konale, M. Gabel, O.K. Neill, J.V. Crum, A. Goel, M.C. Stennett, N.C. Hyatt, and J.S. McCloy, “Impact of rare earth ion size on the phase evolution of MoO3-containing aluminoborosilicate glass-ceramics,” Journal of Nuclear Materials, 510, 539-550, (2018).

    • José Marcial, Joey Kabel, Muad Saleh, Yaqoot Shaharyar, Ashutosh Goel, John McCloy, “Structural dependence of crystallization in glasses along the nepheline (NaAlSiO4)-eucryptite (LiAlSiO4) join,” Journal of the American CeramicSociety, 101(7), 2840-2855 (2018).

    • Jamie Weaver,#Chuck Soderquist, Nancy Washton, Andrew S. Lipton, Paul Gassman, Wayne Lukens, Albert A. Kruger, Nathalie Wall, and John S. McCloy, “Chemical Trends in Solid Alkali Pertechnetates,” Inorganic Chemistry, 56(5), 2533-2544 (2017).

    • Saehwa Chong, Jacob Peterson, Junghune Nam, Brian Riley, John McCloy, “Synthesis and Characterization of Iodide Sodalite,” Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 100(5), 2273-2284 (2017).

    • Joelle T. Reiser, Benjamin P. Parruzot, Marc H. Weber, Joseph V. Ryan, John S. McCloy, Nathalie A. Wall, “The Use of Positrons to Survey Alteration Layers on Synthetic Nuclear Waste Glasses,” Journal of Nuclear Materials, 490, 75-84(2017),

    • J. McCloy and A. Goel, “Glass-Ceramics for Nuclear Waste Immobilization,” MRS Bulletin, 42(3), 233-240 (2017).

    • J. Weaver, J. McCloy, J. V. Ryan, A. A. Kruger, “Ensuring longevity: Ancient glasses help predict durability of vitrified nuclear waste,” American Ceramic Society Bulletin, 95(4), 18-23 (2016),

    • J. Marcial, J. Crum, O. K. Neill, J. S. McCloy, “Nepheline Structural and Chemical Dependence on Melt Composition,” American Mineralogist, 101, 266-276 (2016).

    • B. Riley, J. Vienna, D. Strachan, J. McCloy, J. Jerden Jr., “Materials and Processes for the Effective Capture and Immobilization of Radioiodine: a Review,” Journal of Nuclear Materials, 470, 307-326 (2016).

    • John S. McCloy, Nancy Washton, Paul Gassman, Jose Marcial, Jamie Weaver, Ravi Kukkadapu, “Nepheline crystallization in boron-rich alumino-silicate glasses as investigated by multi-nuclear NMR, Raman, & Mössbauer spectroscopies,” Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, 409, 149-165 (2015).

  • Optical, Magnetic, and Electronic Materials:

    • Muad Saleh, Kelvin Lynn, Luiz Jacobsohn, John McCloy, “Luminescence of Undoped Commercial ZnS Crystals: Evidence on the Role of Impurities using Photoluminescence and Electrical Transient Spectroscopy,” Journal of Applied Physics, 125(7), 075702 (2019).

    • M. Ahmadzadeh, C. Romero, and J. McCloy, “Magnetic analysis of commercial hematite, magnetite, and their mixtures,” AIP Advances, 8(5), 056807 (2018).

    • J. S. McCloy, W. Jiang, W. Bennett, M. Engelhard, J. Lindemuth, N. Parmar, G. Exarhos, “Electrical and Magnetic Properties Modification in Heavy Ion Irradiated Nanograin NixCo(3-x)O4 Films,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119, 22465-22476 (2015),

    • Y. Cao, K. Xu, W. Jiang, T. Droubay, P. Ramuhalli, D. Edwards, B. Johnson, J. McCloy,“Hysteresis in single and polycrystalline iron thin films: major and minor loops, first order reversal curves, and Preisach modeling,” Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 395, 361-375 (2015).

    • Y. Li, K. Xu, S. Hu, J. Suter, D. Schreiber, P. Ramuhalli, B. Johnson, J. McCloy, “Computational and Experimental Investigations of Magnetic Domain Structures in Patterned Magnetic Thin Films,” Journal of Physics D, 48 305001 (2015).

    • Rahman, M.T., J. McCloy, C.V. Ramana, and R. Panat, “Structure, electrical characteristics, and high-temperature stability of aerosol jet printed silver nanoparticle films,” Journal of Applied Physics, 120(7), 075305 (2016).

    • Rettie AJ, HC Lee, LG Marshall, JF Lin, C Capen, J Lindemuth, JS McCloy, J Zhou, AJ Bard, and CB Mullins. “Combined Charge Carrier Transport and Photoelectrochemical Characterization of BiVO4 Single Crystals: Intrinsic Behavior of a Complex Metal Oxide,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135[30], 11389-11396 (2013).

    • A. M. Jones, J.F. Kelly, J. Tedeschi, and J.S. McCloy, “Design considerations for high-Q bandpass microwave oscillator sensors based upon resonant amplification,” Applied Physics Letters, 104, 253507 (2014).

    • J. McCloy, R. Tustison. Chemical Vapor Deposited Zinc Sulfide. Bellingham, WA: SPIE Press (April 2013), ISBN 9780819495891.