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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science & Engineering



Minimum total credits: 72

In order to satisfy MME requirements, the program must contain:

  1. A minimum of 21 cr hrs of the following graded coursework (at least 11 cr hrs must be taken at WSU):
    • 3 cr hrs of MATSE/MSE 505
    • 9 cr hrs of an interdisciplinary nature from an approved list of classes offered in Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and Physics
    • 9 cr hrs of additional courses approved by the student’s advisor
  2. A minimum of 3 cr hrs of seminar (MATSE 593 or ME 598)
  3. A minimum of 20 cr hrs of MATSE/MSE 800 (in most cases, additional research credits will be necessary to reach a total of 72 credit hours)

All programs must satisfy both MME and Graduate School minimum requirements, including the minimum total credit hours.