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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science & Engineering


The Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering program generally takes four years to complete. The program is administered by the interdisciplinary materials science and engineering program (MSEP) which is a collaboration between the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture (VCEA) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).


Minimum total credits: 72

In order to satisfy MSEP requirements, the program must contain:

  1. A minimum of 21 cr hrs of the following graded coursework (at least 11 cr hrs must be taken at WSU):
    • 3 credits MATSE/MSE 505
    • 12 credits of interdisciplinary nature from an MSEP-approved list of classes offered in Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and Physics
    • Additional 6 credits approved by student’s advisor
  2. Additional 6 credits of MATSE 593 Seminar
  3. A minimum of 20 cr hrs of MATSE 800 (in most cases, additional research credits will be necessary to reach a total of 72 credit hours)