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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Faculty

Arezoo Zare

arezoo zare

Associate Professor

Sloan 217


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, 2019
  • Masters of Materials Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2009
  • Bachelor of Materials Engineering, Imam International University, 2005

Professional Preparation

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute, Johns Hopkins University, 2019 – 2023

Research Interests

  • Mechanics of materials in extreme environments
  • Data science in mechanics and materials
  • Experimental mechanics

Research Areas

  • Ultrahard ceramics
  • Refractory metals
  • Lattice structures
  • Quasi-static and high strain rate characterization
  • High-throughput characterization and machine learning

Recognition and Honors

  • Early Career Travel Award, APS Shock Compression of Condensed Matter, 2023
  • Second place, TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition Poster Competition, 2022
  • Robberson Dissertation Fellowship, Oklahoma State University, 2017
  • Outstanding Doctoral Student, Oklahoma State University, 2016

Selected Publications

Complete List of Publications on Google Scholar

  • Zare, P. Malhotra, Q. Yang, K. Christian, J. Du, R.A. Haber, M. Shaeffer, K.T. Ramesh, “The effects of microstructure and inclusion distributions on dynamic failure processes in boron carbide ceramics”, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 106, (2023) 4831-4851
  • Zare, M. Tunesi, T.A. Harriman, J.R. Troutman, M.A. Davies, D.A. Lucca, “Face turning of single crystal (111)Ge: Cutting mechanics and surface/subsurface characteristics”, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 145, (2023) 071007
  • Zare, M.R. He, M. Straker, M.V.S. Chandrashekhare, M. Spencer, K.J. Hemker, J.W. McCauley, K.T. Ramesh, “Mechanical characterization of boron carbide single crystals”, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 105, (2022) 3030-3042 (Publication featured on the journal cover)
  • Zare, Q. Su, J. Gigax, T.A. Harriman, M. Nastasi, L. Shao, D.A. Lucca, “Mechanical response of He implanted amorphous SiOC/crystalline Fe nanolaminates”, Scientific Reports 9, (2019) 4759
  • Zare, Q. Su, J. Gigax, S.A. Shojaee, M. Nastasi, L. Shao, D.A. Lucca, “Effects of ion irradiation on structural and mechanical properties of crystalline Fe/amorphous SiOC nanolaminates”, Acta Materialia 140, (2017) 10-19