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Welcome to The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at WSU

Indranath DuttaThe School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at WSU has one of the largest undergraduate programs in the Pacific Northwest, with about 1000 students and 45 faculty members spread across three sister campuses (the main campus at Pullman, and sister departments at Everett, Tri-cities, and Bremerton). Our graduate student and postdoctoral researcher populations are growing, underpinned by continuously increasing annual research expenditures (currently over $7.5m), with over 130 PhD students and 60 MS students. It is one of few schools where both Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) programs are offered under the same roof, allowing our students to be reared in a highly interdisciplinary, enriching environment.MME has an awesome legacy to follow. Our school has been fortunate to have had luminaries like Clarence Zener and John Hirth associated with it, eminent past directors like Stephen Antolovich and O. A. Plumb, two current members of the National Academy of Inventors and the Washington State Academy of Sciences, and 17 fellows of professional societies. We are committed to chart a course to build and improve on this legacy. MME has strong research activities in additive manufacturing; materials engineering with applications spanning over nuclear materials, bio-implants and microelectronics, among others; control systems; energy systems including batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen power for space-flight; sports engineering; and mechanics and thermo-fluid applications in traditional and emerging areas. Over the next few years, our aim is to strategically add to this expertise, so that our undergraduate and graduate students are exposed to areas of current importance and are highly sought after as employees or graduate students. Read more from the Director, Indranath Dutta.




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