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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Recent Successes in Advanced Manufacturing

FEDERAL: ~$1 MILLION received in Oct. 2018

Prof. P. Dutta, Associate Director for Graduate Studies, received a GAANN (Graduate Assistants in Areas of National Need) grant for $900k from the Department of Education and $200K in matching from WSU to support 9 domestic PhD students in Manufacturing. Apply for a Competitive Fellowship in Advanced Manufacturing Research.

STATE: ~$1 MILLION received in Oct. 2018

Profs. A. Bandyopadhyay and S. Bose received $750k from JCDREAM (Joint Center for Deployment and Research on Earth Abundant Materials) and $250k in matching support from WSU to purchase and set up a Hybrid Additive Manufacturing (HAM) machine and a High Definition 3D Printer with a Rotating Head.