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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Faculty

Rahul Panat

Rahul Panat


  • Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2004

Research Interests

  • Manufacturing
  • Microelectronics/Flexible Electronics
  • Li-ion Batteries
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • Thermodynamics

Recognition and Honors

  • MRS Gold Medal, 2002
  • Recognition award at Intel Corporation for developing manufacturing processes for first fully ‘green’ IC chip, 2007

Selected Publications

Complete List of Publications on Google Scholar

  • Y. Arafat, I. Dutta, R. Panat, “Super-stretchable Metallic Interconnects on Polymer with a Linear Strain of up to 100%” Applied Physics Letters, 107, 081906, 2015. doi:
  • H. Yang, M. T. Rahman, D. Du, R. Panat, and Y. Lin, “Electrochemical Sensors for Biological Applications using 3-D Printed Adjustable Microelectrode Arrays“, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol. 230, 600-606 (2016)
  • M. T. Rahman, L. Renaud, M. Renn, D. Heo, R. Panat, “Aerosol Based Direct-Write MicroAdditive Fabrication Method for Sub-mm 3-D Metal-Dielectric Structures”, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol. 25 (10), pp. 107002 (2015). doi:
  • Z. Song, T. Ma, R Tang, Q. Cheng, X. Wang, D. Krishnaraju, R. Panat, C. K. Chan, H. Yu, and H. Jiang, “Origami Lithium Ion Batteries”, Nature Communications, doi:10.1038/ncomms4140, 2014.
  • R. Panat, S. Dattaguru, H. Balkan, Y. Min, M. Hill, X. Zhao, “Mechanical Reliability of Embedded Array Capacitors in Ultra-High Performance Microprocessors”, IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, Vol. 4 (5), 857 (2014). doi: 10.1109/TDMR.2014.2331023

Intellectual Property

  • Panat R. and Jaiswal B., “Nanowires coated on traces in electronic devices” International Patent, Publication #WO2013095663, 2013
  • Raravikar N. and Panat R., “Nanolithographic method of manufacturing an embedded passive device for a microelectronic application, and microelectronic device containing the same”, US Patent 8068328, 2011