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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Faculty

Hussein M. Zbib

Hussein Zbib


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technical University, 1987

Research Interests

  • Mechanics: Multiscale modeling, numerical analysis, plasticity, composites, materials instabilities, damage and fracture.
  • Materials: Dislocation theory, dislocation dynamics, crystal plasticity, defects, radiation effects, nanomaterials.

Recognition and Honors

  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (2011)
  • 2010 Khan International Award for Outstanding contribution to the field of Plasticity
  • Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2002)
  • Computational Mechanics Achievement Award, Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers(2003)
  • Member: Academy of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technological University 2004
  • Member: Lebanese Academy of Sciences

Selected Publications

Complete List of Publications on Google Scholar

  • Zbib, H.M., and Diaz de la Rubia, T., “A Multiscale Model of Plasticity”, Int. J. Plasticity, 18, 1133-1163, 2002
  • Diaz de la Rubia, T., Zbib, H.M., T. Khraishi, B. Wirth, Victoria, M. and M. Caturla, “Flow Localization in Irradiated Materials: A Multiscale Modeling Approach”, Nature, 406, 871-874, 2000.
  • Zbib, H.M., Rhee, M. and Hirth, J.P., “On Plastic Deformation and the Dynamics of 3D Dislocations”, Int. J. Mech. Science, 40, 113-127, 1998.