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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering COVID-19 Resources

Quick Start (Returning to work)

Return to Work Survey – All employees who are returning to work at a WSU location, or have already received prior approval to return to work are required to submit the VCEA Return to Work Survey. This is to document your understanding of, and agreed compliance with, all WSU guidelines and policies relating to COVID-19.

  • Daily Attestation – All employees are required to submit the Daily Attestation every day they go on campus. For non-employees (i.e. visiting scholars, fellows, volunteers, etc.), an email attesting to not having symptoms is to be sent to the supervisor/host before going on campus each day.
  • Disinfectant – All MME employees and visitors are required to follow the policies outlined in the VCEA Distancing and Disinfectant Plan. At this time, chemicals needed in order to properly disinfect spaces are being provided to the units free of charge. Below are the main points for disinfecting:
    • All shared electronics and shared spaces must be cleaned before and after each use by the users/occupants.
    • MME office staff will keep the supplies stocked in MME communal spaces (i.e. break room, copier room, package room, reception area, and conference room).
    • Owners of other spaces will request disinfectant supplies through Quartzy by following the standard ordering process (links to items below). When they are delivered they will be marked ready for scheduling a pickup time from Sloan 210.
  • Masks – Face coverings are required by all individuals on campus while in shared spaces, or in the presence of others. We are placing 2 cloth masks in each mailbox for faculty, staff, and graduate students. The masks will need to be washed after each use.
    • If you do not need the masks provided, please return them to the main office in Sloan 201 so they can be provided to those who do need them.