Fall 2019 Mentoring Event

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Thursday, September 12, 2019  –  4:30 to 6 pm  –  Todd 116

Image showing areas of mentoring, such as Motivation, Advice, Success, Direction, Coaching, Support, Goal, and Training

Dr. Indranath Dutta

MME Director: Asking for help from mentors and how to best explore career options

Dr. Cill Richards

Exploring clubs, internships, summer research opportunities, grades, and relationships with faculty

Dr. John Swensen

Looking at graduate school

Monika Jones

VCEA Club Coordinator: Exploring student clubs in engineering

Sandi Brabb

VCEA Career Services and Internship Program: Seeking internships and employment after graduation

Featured Speakers

Jason Tripard

Senior Director of Engineering, Microsoft: Preparing for an engineering career and what Microsoft looks for in interns and employees

Jessi Hall

Director of Engineering for Manufacturing Ops, Schweitzer Engineering Labs: How to prepare for a job interview

MME Student Guest Speakers

Current MME students will share insight on how they landed their internships and what they learned